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BWW Review: BATTERY DANCE FESTIVAL Dances To Glory Through Rain and Shine

"Continuing this generous spirit were two excellent performances ... The first - by Eryn Renee Young's XAOC Contemporary Ballet - featured a stable of Amazonian ballerinas who managed to dance large despite the relatively small size of the stage .... Keep going, Ms. Young; your company's performance of "Allagi (The Consistency of Change)" is proof that you will be on [Bolshoi-sized] stages soon enough. ... I was soon won over by the incredible finesse and athleticism of the dancers. In particular, the efforts of Jacline Henrichs, Michelle Thompson Ulerich, and Rawinan Asawakanjanakit bowled me over and pulled me into the groove. It was during this piece that the many people walking along the promenade of the park stopped dead in their tracks to watch and enjoy. ... This piece is a winning tapestry of simple repeated ballet steps that unexpectedly up the ante through a series of turns and jumps that criss-cross through a continuous ménage to pleasing effect. Perhaps that is why the smiles were so prominent; the dancers knew of the treat that was in store."


WCTC NJ: Talk Radio with Bert Baron

"No matter what it is, whether a neighborhood, community, city, small town... it all starts with arts. I like what you're doing getting young people involved with an art form that doesn't have a lot of exposure. There is a tremendous importance when it comes to the arts."


Oberon's Grove: Eryc Taylor Dance New Choreography

"Contemporary stylings of classic ballet vocabulary... dynamic... pulsing... Ms. Young's choreography showed a fine sense of exploring space and a knack for visual polyphony. And she gets extra roses and champagne for choosing Bartok."


Karole Armitage talks Pointe Shoe with 6 rising choreographers

"You can just do different things with the pointe shoe on than with bare feet... Your balance is different, the rhythm is different, the amount of spinning you can do. So part of what’s wonderful about it is simply pure physics, and you just use physics in a different way. I also like them because they are very erotic; the exaggerated line... something that is this pure human, raw, body that we all have."


Norte Maar: Interview with Eryn Renee Young

"I create for pointework because ... [of]  a desire to bring beauty into the lives of the viewers, to present pieces that represent strong women doing fantastic things, to achieve shapes and lines in architecture in movement that are far cleaner, far more exciting, more fulfilling, and more extreme on pointe. I believe that pointework allows women to reach the edge of possibility in movement not only in shape but also in dynamic musicality."


CounterPointe: From white cube to black box

"In “The World Contained II,” created with choreographer Eryn Renee Young, [visual artist Leslie] Kerby presented a huge animated version of one of her container drawings. It seems likely that seeing her piece on the stage, driving a dance that was at once so dramatic and playful, will induce her to make more animations and project them at this scale.."